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Imprint & About us

Everything you want to know about us and more :) 

All products were designed exclusively by us. CryptoLife offers a comprehensive portfolio of textiles, textile finishing and merchandise. Small team and we do the graphics ourselves :)

Why Bitcoin Tshirts?

Quite simply because fewer and fewer people believe in the banking system and the banking system is broken. 

Here are some reasons that speak for Bitcoin:

  1. Bitcoins limited to 21 million. 
  2. Inflation protection against FIAT money (Inflation calculator)
  3. Easier and more flexible than gold
  4. Money can be printed anywhere.
  5. Decentralized
  6. Permanent Devaluation 
  7. Central banks have no access
  8. There are no chargebacks
  9. Payment information cannot be stolen from merchants
  10. With bitcoins you don't have to trust banks
  11. Be your own bank
  12. Corona plays into the hands of Bitcoin. How so? Moneyprinter go Brrrrr
  13. Portnoy in Bitcoin
  14. Fed investigates crypto dollars with MIT
  15. Golden S / R flip
  16. + 26% tether printed
  17. 45% of the supply has not moved for> 2 years
  18. Energy increase in value> price
  19. Mining profitable & price close to production costs
  20. Accumulation pricing structure
  21. Oh yes Bitcoin halvening in 2020 

If you want to give us more Bitcoin reasons, just write us an email!

How do we design a polkadot T-shirt? Here!

Watch how we reinvent the polkadot from a well-known film. Sometimes we invest between 1-3h per T-shirt design. We use various tools, software, resources and technologies for this. The graphics are mostly vector-based further developed in Illustrator and further processed in Photoshop in high resolution. 

In our small, young team of 4 people we discuss ideas, memes and current Kryptonews on the whiteboard or sketches and let them flow into our design. our graphic artist Natascha offers individual graphics and designs for our label. The process of research, design, preparation and printing is time-consuming and currently just a hobby of ours. 

Flexible and niche products for our fans

From printed T-shirts to embroidered shirts and polo shirts to individually embroidered fan hats, caps, shoes or woolen hats.
Whether for companies, associations, fan clubs, events, agencies, artists, schools or private individuals - we have the right solution for all areas.

With a modern and efficient machine park of our partners, our textile manufacturer sees itself as a designer, manufacturer and finisher of textiles as well as fan and merchandising articles. 

Strong thanks to partners

The t-shirts and mugs as well as other products are among others from our strong partner Printul, Printy6 as well as other printing partners printed on the most modern machines and delivered to our customers worldwide. Designs and ideas as well as inspiration can be taken from known subjects or are based on them.
If you have any questions or ideas about new designs, send us a request here.
With best regards
Your CryptoLife team
The Cryptolife label is a fire of FlLEDESlGN lNFORMATlK GMBH based in Switzerland.
Among other things, the T-shirts are printed with the KORNIT STORM HERXA. One of the most modern digital printing machines in the POD area. So it is possible to print 6 colors CMYKRG + white. Different surfaces and web to print!

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