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Bitcoin Cash BCH Merch Sublimation Neck Gaiter

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Neck gaiters are available in 2 designs; 1- and 2-ply, while 1-ply neck gaiters are light and more flexible, the 2-ply version is thicker and offers more warmth.

Both versions have a filter pocket and are supplied with a 5-layer PM2.5 activated carbon filter * Not intended for medical protection * You can also remove the carbon filter and use it as a standard neck gaiter.
Activated carbon filter
The tubular shape of the neck gaiters gives them a versatility that allows them to be pulled up to the face, covering the nose and ears, and pulling them back down to the neck.

- 1 layer of neck gaiter sizes

XS / S: 8.66 "x 15" (22cm x 38cm)
M / L: 9.84 "x 17.32" (25cm x 44cm)
XL / 2XL: 10.62 "x 18.11" (27cm x 46cm)

- 2-layer neck gaiter sizes

XS / S: 9.44 "x 16.14" (24cm x 41cm)
M / L: 10.23 "x 17.32" (26cm x 44cm)
XL / 2XL: 11 "x 18.89" (28cm x 48cm)

- Through pocket for carbon filter
- Sublimation over the entire printed product
- Can cover nose, mouth and ears
- Made and printed in London
- 3 to 5 working days production time
- Only shipping to the US and UK is TRACKING, the rest is standard NON-TRACKED Post.

- Fabric layer 1 - 210 GSM 2-way stretch 82% polyester 18% Lycra (front part, printable)
- Carbon filter layer 2 - non-stick cloth
- Carbon filter layer 3 - filter cloth
- Carbon filter layer 4 - activated carbon
- Carbon filter layer 5 - filter cloth
- Carbon filter layer 6 - non-stick fabric
- Fabric layer 7 - 320 GSM jersey fabric (73% polyester, 22% viscose, 5% elastane)
** Please note that the 7th layer on the 1-layer neck gaiters only consists of the filter pocket on the front.
** Please also note that there may be slight pressure smear around the filter bag on the 1-layer neck gaiter filter

Your products are printed with love, securely packaged and carefully dispatched within approx. 3 - 5 working days. When you know the estimated delivery time, you can determine how long it will be before you receive the item.
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